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We hope that you find these links useful for whatever legal interest you have.

Ten Tips for a Successful Divorce    
If you can't save the marriage, perhaps this link will help at least save the divorce.  You don't want to make these mistakes!

Why Cooperate?
Do you go the Lawyer route, or do you try to work it out between you and your spouse?  No matter if you are going for a divorce or a modification in Family Court, read this free download before you make a big mistake.

Federal Government Portal   
This is an online directory to all federal Government websites.

Florida DCF     
If you are a divorcing young mother, and are worried about making ends meet after the divorce, check out this site. You may find the program or agency that is just what you need at this time.

Online Sunshine    
This is a search engine for all Florida Statutes.

The Florida Bar Online   
This is your gateway to legal libraries, as well as State and Federal Courts.

Get a FREE Email Account   
If you are getting a Divorce, this might be a good time to get your own email account.

Kelley Blue Book   
Many Legal Cases require that you know what your vehicles are worth. Kelley Blue Book is a well qualified reference in most cases.

Child Support Network
Are you trying to collect Child Support from a dead-beat dad.  Let these folks collect it for you.  They are Child Support Enforcement professionals.

Do-It-Yourself Network
If you have decided to sell your house and divide the proceeds with your soon to be Ex, you may have to fix it up first.  If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars paying someone else to do it, try doing it yourself.  This website has articles and How-to videos that should turn you into a pro in no time.